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Composition #52 - The Dying Rotring 139

  • Composition #52 - The Dying Rotring 139

Composition #52 is an ongoing series of computer generated drawings. Stemming from the fascination for one of the most banal of all graphical elements, the line. These drawings play with algorithmically re-arranging recorded cursor movements, bringing the digital material of unconsciously drawn lines back into the physical world. There is always something special in the ordinary. Perspective and context can shape the most common aspects of life into beautiful constellations. The acknowledgement of aleatory and serendipity within the ordinary is where surprises may emerge.

Edition 1/1
Rotring Tikky ink on 36x48cm Hahnemühle paper

This work comes without frame. In case you are interested in a custom steel frame, just add the request to the order or send me a mail to talk about that.